Crown Princess Margareta


Staying with David Austin Roses for a moment here, with Crown Princess Margareta, introduced in 1999 and why not refer to the RHS Encyclopedia of Roses once more too?

“It is sometimes said that David Austin’s latest English Roses are very like his earlier ones. Crown Princess Margareta however, shows how consistent has been the steady improvement in quality has Austin has set out to achieve. It is a magnificent rose, and full deserves the instant popularity it has enjoyed. The flowers of Crown Princess Margareta are large and completely filled with quilled and folded petals splayed out around the half-hidden yellow stamens at the centre. Their colour is variable: apricot at the centre and golden-yellow at the edges in hot weather, but richer and more coppery in cool. Whatever the weather, it is exquisite. The flowers are borne singly and in clusters of up to four on a tall, vigorous, arching shrub with a dense structure and lots of dark, healthy leaves. It is no more than bushy in cool climates but can be trained as a pillar rose elsewhere. Crown Princess Margareta was named after Princess Margaret of Connaught (1882-1920), Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, who married Gustav VI of Sweden.

A strong and fruity scent.”

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