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Hummingbird friendly..

Hosta Liberty

Hosta Liberty

Hosta ‘Liberty’

Now I am taking text from another source, but superlatives aside, find little to fault in the description, except for the reference to Hummingbirds, which in London at least, is a stretch.

The extraordinarily thick, dark green leaves of Hosta ‘Liberty’ are edged with an astonishingly wide, golden yellow border, changing to cream in summer. In early summer, the slow-growing clumps are topped with spikes of hummingbird friendly lavender flowers.

‘Liberty’ is a sport of the very popular Hosta ‘Sagae’. Hosta experts have raved about Liberty and many consider it to be the finest Hosta introduced in the past ten years. The thick, dark green leaves are bordered with wide, jetting, golden yellow margins which fade to creamy white in summer. The leaves are much thicker than that of its parent, ‘Sagae’, making it very resistant to slugs. Liberty is an absolute must have for Hosta lovers.

Note my favourite red skip….

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