The RHS Great London Plant Fair 2013


I ventured out into a chill London afternoon, after a roundabouts stroll across London, for the RHS Great London Plant Fair (their title, not mine).

I’m glad I made the effort (Mike Parks Books my only purchasing opportunity though) but it was quite a quiet affair, fewer people than I have seen in these dramatic halls before, more space between the exhibitors and a big square set up of trestle tables in the middle from which advice would be dispensed by RHS advisors (quiet also). The plant displays were well done, but with one or three fine exceptions (Dibleys, de Jaeger, Scamps narcissus), less detailed, thinly planted. A bit dull. Of course plenty of narcissus and I did like a larger trumpeted variety with swept back look and darker tone to the perianth, Velocity. I proved again that peach colouring in a daffodil leaves me cold.


A little vehicular action in the smaller of the two halls but there too, a lot of space between pretty much everything. A delicious scent in the air from and keen competition for, the narcissus/daffodils on display. The Alpine displays I am sorry to say, I passed by but then I have had the Alpine Houses at Kew and Wisley to keep my interests in this field satisfied.


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