Thoughts turn to summer…

Thoughts turn to summer...

This semi-circular border was planted (on bare soil) in April and May 2012 and photographed at the end of July. Plenty of rain helped it quickly establish – the addition of annual cosmos and verbena bonariensis, creating a fuller, more mature feel this early on. Roses are set to take centre stage in the coming years – white, pink and deep red and longer term, a weeping pear. Plenty of hardy geraniums (Nimbus and Orion particularly, psilostemon too), grasses, nepeta for complimentary soft blues, penstemons for deep red and purple late season colour, matched with Persicaria amplexicaulis Superba, a flurry of erigeron karvinskianus, iris, poppy, sidalcea, lupins, astrantia (Roma), towering nicotiana sylvestris (another annual), morina longifolia, aster ‘The Prince’, euphorbias, a spot of red with geum Mrs Bradshaw….. oh – and a weeping willow leaved pear, Pyrus salicifolia pendula. Can’t wait to see how it develops this year… Rose Ballerina in the foreground.

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