2 thoughts on “02salviaguaraniticaArgentinaSkies

  1. Indeed, this gallery is a delight and delectation. I learn so much from your picture journal, and it’s always inspiring to see what the best horticulture in the world looks like from week to week.

    A very small point. I believe this Salvia is not ‘Argentina Skies’, which is a pale blue flower with a green calyx. This one looks like ‘Black and Blue’, but Salvia guaranitica is so popular now that there are other cultivars that look like ‘Black and Blue’.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for the wonderful blog. Kim.

    1. Hi there and regarding the Salvia, you’re right about it not being Argentina Skies, though it was labelled as such. I remember looking it up when I got back and the photos I found didn’t match. I have Black and Blue at home which is shorter than the 2m+ stems of this giant, though it may be the growing conditions at Wisley to account for that. I saw something at the Hillier Gardens, so will check my notes to see if I can get a proper ident. Glorious towering thing it is though.

      Happy Holidays to you too and thank you so much for taking the time to comment and compliment!


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