Roses aside, back to Spring where the garden is colouring up with Camellias, Iris, Daphne and Anemone … and more of course

A gallery only - well I say 'only' - there is much to delight and much that is both beautiful and welcome in the garden. More and ever more colour to lift the spirits with so much more to come - and so I caution - take a pause, enjoy the season, these moments -…

G for Green – leafy, verdant, lush, spotted, striped, palmate, pinnate, tropical, variegated, shiny, polished, aromatic, toothed, silvered, spiny, berried, bold, ferny, golden….

Catalpa bignonioides Aurea All this greenery, in all its variety, I photographed at RHS Wisley last week. No fireworks, no rainbow colours, but you could make a satisfying garden with just leafy palette.... Myrtus communis (below)