Super Nova – Summer Song


English Rose, Summer Song, from David Austin

Now here we have a rose with attitude! Quite unmistakeable among the catalogue of softer colours and quite distinct from the other ‘orange’ roses created by David Austin – Lady Emma Hamilton (of course), Pat Austin, Lady of Shalott.

It is a rangy plant, even needing some support in the early years while it develops a sufficiently strong framework to hold the arching stems and large sprays of flowers. But a mature group of plants, in full flower! Bringing all the colours of a Carribbean sunset to your garden, accompanied by the scent of raspberries!

From the David Austin roses website…

Summer Song (Austango)

Category English Roses
(English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Hardiness Very hardy
Fragrance Strong
Repeating Excellent

This is a rose of beautiful and unusual colouring that is hard to describe – burnt orange would be one possibility. As such, Summer Song is a valuable addition to our collection, since it is so useful for mingling with other shades such as apricot and yellow. The flowers start as rounded buds, which gradually open to full, medium-sized cups, with many inner petals arranged rather informally within a perfect ring of outer petals. It has a lovely, strong, mixed scent, which our fragrance expert tells us is “like a florist’s shop, with hints of chrysanthemum leaves, ripe bananas and tea”. ‘Summer Song’ forms a bushy, upright shrub that can be pruned to grow tall or short, according to your requirements. 4 x 3 ft.

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