Carolyn Knight, 2013 Introduction from David Austin

Carolyn Knight, David Austin 2013

After a week away exploring Yorkshire, I’m back at Syon today and checking on the progress of the new 2013 introductions from David Austin – Thomas à Becket, The Lady Gardener, The Albrighton Rambler and Carolyn Knight.

Thomas is flowering prolifically, even in this heat, and is a joy. I’ll attempt a photo tomorrow – I may just capture the exact shade of carmine pink and red this time.

Carolyn Knight has put out just a few flowers, though since it is a sport of Summer Song, it shares the habit of flowering on very long stems and I have a habit of cutting these short to keep the plant manageable. But they are beautiful, starting out almost as strong in colour as Pat Austin, though clear orange/gold colour to the buds rather than with raspberry rippling, and fading to a much softer, chamois gold – I’m thinking either of Charles Austin or Charles Darwin. I will have to check. Very touchy-feely blooms too. Too hot today for any fragrance.

The Lady Gardener and The Albrighton Rambler have sold out; the former will be a deferred pleasure but I saw the rambler at Hampton Court Flower Show and it is a beaut. Big fluffy pink -to-very-quickly-white pompoms of flower. Tucked behind the tea table, I couldn’t get close enough to detect a scent.

A beautiful trio so far – when I see The Lady Gardener I can up that to the full Quartet

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